SLiK™ Knotless Screw-In Anchors

SLiK is a knotless screw-in anchor that can be used for a variety of applications that require the fixation of soft tissue to bone.  SLiK anchors are ideally suited for indications around the shoulder, such as rotator cuff repair.  This anchor can be used in both lateral and medial row fixation.  Combining SLiK with Parcus Braid™ Suture Tape helps to create an ideal knotless double-row rotator cuff repair.  SLiK anchors provide a step-saving alternative to conventional “knotted” suture anchors and eliminate the “knot stacks” that can be associated with soft tissue irritation or impingement. 

A Suture Guide, which is located on the distal end of the proprietary inner shaft of the driver, is designed to hold sutures deep into a bone socket.  It also allows the surgeon to independently adjust suture tension prior to inserting the SLiK anchor.  Suture tension is held constant during anchor insertion.  An Activation Button on the inserter handle allows the anchor to be advanced into position using a simple, one-handed technique.

Recommended for use in both large and small-joint repairs.

Key Features

  • Diameter options: 4.75mm, 5.5mm, 6.25mm
  • Suture Guide at distal tip allows final tension, before fixation
  • Activation Button on driver for easy screw-in anchor insertion
  • Material solutions:
    • Carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK-OPTIMA from Invibio
    • PEEK-OPTIMA Natural from Invibio

SLiK PEEK Anchors

Part # Description Box
10915 4.75mm x 15mm SLiK PEEK Screw-In Anchor 1
10918 5.5mm x 15mm SLiK PEEK Screw-In Anchor 1
10919 6.25mm x 15mm SLiK PEEK Screw-In Anchor 1

Instrumentation for SLiK Anchors

Part # Description Box
11092 SLiK Awl, Blue Handle 1